A modern Django 1.5 project skeleton.


Django is a great framework. Unfortunately, like any framework, it is only as useful as the tools you use with it. This is where django-skel really shines.

django-skel gives you a great project skeleton, complete with:

  • Database migrations via South.
  • Static file management via django-compressor.
  • Task queueing via Celery.
  • Helper utilities for working on the command line, via Fabric.
  • Fancy documentation generation via Sphinx.
  • Awesome local debugging and analysis via django-debug-toolbar.
  • Amazon S3 integration (for publishing static assets: css, js, images, etc.) via django-storages.
  • CSS compression (for production environments) via cssmin.
  • JS compression (for production environments) via jsmin.
  • Memcache caching support via django-heroku-memcacheify.
  • PostgreSQL support via django-heroku-postgresify.
  • A blazing fast WSGI server for serving production traffic via gunicorn and gevent.
  • Production application performance monitoring and usage statistics via newrelic.
  • All the best practices I’ve come to learn with more than 4 years of Django experience.
  • Built in support for production deployments on Heroku’s platform.

But, more importantly, django-skel gives you a really clean, simple, and reliable project template for developers of any experience level.

If you want a best practices approach to Django, use django-skel and you won’t be disappointed!


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